The Journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health (CM&NH) is the first international, non-commercial journal dedicated to research about cellular medicine and natural health. Its overarching mission is to create a suitable venue for promoting transformational thinking, bridging the various disciplines of life sciences and serving global evidence-based preventive health care via quick, worldwide dissemination of scientific insights to a broad audience. By disseminating the latest progress in cellular medicine and natural health, we ensure that health researchers, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs keep pace with the rapid advances in (micro)nutrient research, long before clinical implications of innovative ideas are implemented in daily health practices.

  • Establish a platform for freshening ideas and innovative concepts in contrast to old dogmas.
  • Broaden the research spectrum, so as to include preventive health care in addition to interventional medicine.
  • Encourage innovative ideas and reflective activism in direct engagement with preventive health care.
  • Empower health practitioners to make better decisions & deliver better care.
  • Build bridges between theory-driven research and practical applications.
  • Provide a scientific basis for a new health care system, based on effective, affordable natural control of disease instead of patented synthetic drugs.