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Preventive Health Academy is the world’s leading source of independent health information, with a focus on science-based natural health. We have created this website because we are dissatisfied with the fact that millions of people still get sick and die from diseases that could have largely been eradicated by now. The main reason why these diseases still exist is the fact that there is a multi-billion dollar industry – the pharmaceutical investment business – which considers ongoing diseases as their market place.

This has to change. And we know that this is possible.

Our goal is a world in which heart disease, cancer and other common diseases of today become largely unheard of. This goal can only be achieved by replacing the current ‘repair-oriented’ health care with a clear focus on prevention and eventually the elimination of diseases.

This new healthcare system is built on recent breakthroughs in the area of science-based natural health, in particular vitamin and nutritional research.

This website brings independent health information to YOU – no matter who you are and where you live. Its goal is to invite YOU – young and old – to participate in the next great mission uniting all mankind: a ‘world without disease’.

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Anyone who is interested in independent health information. In particular, students & teachers, researchers, non-profit organisations and patients wishing to learn about science-based natural health.

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Our breakthrough research helps you understand the real cause of disease. This would in turn enable you to stay healthy. Use our search engine to get answers to all your questions!


Find educative materials provide natural solutions for different health problems, self-education and educating others. Preventive Health Academy brings interactive learning into the 21st century. Read the texbooks, see moving images and explore the interactive sequences. You will never touch your hardcover medicine book again. We promise!

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Taking advantage of today’s technical possibilities, our apps bring you to a new level of understanding regarding the human body and the origins of disease.


Connect with others through our online communication platforms. Take an opportunity to share your knowledge, ask questions and build networks with people all around the world!

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Take an active role in building new prevention-oriented healthcare systems worldwide! Join our campaigns and share what you learn with others. Preventive Health Academy is a great asset for your health and your community!

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